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Tourism Pro

Arzu has full domain expertise.  Founder of two travel companies in Istanbul & Tallinn. She enjoys writing, traveling, storytelling, and good wine with good company.

ian wagner

Technical Wizard

Ian is a serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience building decentralized teams. He travels whenever he has a chance.

sandra purvina

Partner Operations

Sandra is passionate about marketing & sales and she takes care of the necessary activities in order to make a business run smoothly. And she travels a lot too.

Tolga Filoglu

Head of Engineering

Full stack developer. Expert on mobile apps. He manages many languages: Php, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JS, CSS3, HTML5, NodeJS, Ubuntu, Nginx, GIT, REST API

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Old town by Denis

 Telliskivi art walk by Julia

Jewish heritage by Jelena

Soviet heritage by Stan


 Byzantine Istanbul by Cetin

Topkapi Palace and Harem by Mustafa

Istanbul Express by  Cigdem

Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia by Adnan

Grand Bazaar with an expert by Etem

Food tours by Duygu


Belem walking tour by Estela

Discover Alfama by Jose


Highlights of Amsterdam by Mustafa

Hit the streets by Edgar


Walk the streets by Stela

Stella ATH

Visit the Acropolis Museum by Kelly

Kelly Athens

See the Acropolis by Mara


Historical Rome by Martina

Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto by Francesca

Streets of Rome by Erturk

Erturk Rome


Jewish ghetto by Silvia

Essential Venice by Giovanna

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